Student Leadership at UHS aims to encourage all students to participate in a range of activities that promote leadership skills, democratic values, accountability, team work, initiative and social justice. Students are encouraged to become active citizens in the school community, Australia and engage with the region and world as good global citizens.


TUHF is Uni High's Feminist Collective. The group meets regularly to discuss issues to do with women’s rights. This year they debated a wide range of topics such as street harassment, economic reductionism, media representation and intersectionality in feminism. Members shared personal experiences and opinions and it was great to hear a really wide range of views.



Spectrum is Uni High’s gay straight alliance group promoting inclusivity, support and discussion of current relevant issues relating the the LGBT community both within the school and within the broader community. In line with the school’s values of diversity, the school supports and upholds the rights of all students. Spectrum invites all students to be a part of ensuring the social justice is applied to all.


LEAP (Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection) are University High’s environmental action group. The group meet once a week to discuss environmental issues within the school and ways to improve them! LEAP runs a series of events to raise awareness of issues to do with the environment – cake stalls, plant stalls, forums, guest speakers. Their annual Environment Week activities take place in August.



Students making a difference is an organisation developed, run and managed by students. Students involved in SMAD focus on raising money for young people in need in other countries, directly addressing projects to enhance education or life opportunities. Over the past 4 years, SMAD has raised more than $10,000 and has used this money to help build a school and an orphanage. SMAD undertakes extensive fundraising throughout the year and is an organistation open to any student at UHS to join.

Student Representative Council

UHS has a very effective Student Representative Council. It is based on the democratic principles of representation, accountability and participation. All students are encouraged to take an interest in the SRC by running for office or contacting their representative to take up an issue at an SRC meeting.

The SRC is elected on Australian Electoral Commission guidelines by calling for nominations and conducting a secret ballot. Students are encouraged to stand for office and be held accountable for their actions. The SRC gives students an opportunity to participate in decision making, act as mentors for other students and to work as a team to solve problems. It meets regularly, maintains minutes and conducts open meetings.