Uni High Families

If you have ever wanted to get more involved in the life of The University High School, please consider becoming part of Uni High Families.

Through Uni High Families, parents, carers and other family members can:

  • Contribute to the functioning of the school, through fundraising activities or helping out at school functions
  • Learn more about the work of the School Executive and School Council
  • Contribute to debates about policies and directions
  • Meet other families
  • Share information about school activities
  • Provide the school with valuable feedback
  • Meet senior teachers
  • Participate in information evenings designed to help families learn about issues relevant to their children

Uni High Families is a communication channel, helping exchange information and ideas between families and the school's administration. A representative usually attends School Council meetings and reports back to on Council matters. Often the Principal, School Council President, or other school representatives attend meetings to discuss school policy and directions, clarify points, and listen to the views expressed by families.

Uni High Families is currently developing a series of information nights and social events for the school community, and aims to provide volunteer support at a variety of school functions, as required. We also support the school’s fundraising activities and initiatives, including the annual Giving Appeal.

Uni High Families meets regularly at the school in the Staff Common Room, Original (North) Building. Membership is open to both experienced and new parents and family members, and we invite and encourage you to attend the next meeting. Check the school calendar and newsletters for details.

Uni High Families can be contacted by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following documents can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format: Parents' Association Constitution

Get involved!

Family members are encouraged to get involved with the Uni High school community. There is good evidence that being involved with your child’s school supports their learning, as does positive parental interactions and home environment, and having aspirations or expectations for your child’s education.