Message from the Principal

Welcome to University High School: a school with a proud tradition of excellence and a commitment to innovation.

University High School has a long and proud history of providing outstanding educational opportunities to its diverse local community. Our students, and our families, are the heart and soul of our school.

When students come to University High, they are surrounded by an outstanding learning environment focused on emotional, social and academic development and led by creative, passionate and dedicated teachers who are leaders in their fields.

We achieve excellent academic results because of value that our students place on hard work and learning, and the strong support of our families and community partnerships. The University High School is truly a place where learning comes first, and where students are engaged and inspired both in the classroom and beyond.

Students at University High School have an active awareness of the political, social, economic and environmental global landscape. Our programs and curriculum teach students to think critically and to engage as young citizens in their communities.

A proud tradition of our school is our sub-schools. Each sub-school is named after a prominent alumni; someone who reflects the values of the school - passion, excellence, respect, integrity - and who has had an impact on diversity. Our alumni are inspirational and telling their stories gives further depth to our sense of community.

At University High School, each students’ individuality is valued so that they too, find their place, their passion and their means of contributing confidently to the world. I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Ciar Foster