An Introduction to our Alumni pages

Over the years, The University High School has had two formal organisations for former students.

  1. The Old Pupils Association (OPA) was formed in 1913 and withered away in 1969. It was, in its day, quite a substantial organisation, deriving much of its strength from affiliated clubs. There was, at one time, a dramatic society and there were various sporting teams, including a lacrosse team, a women's hockey club, a women's athletic club and a rifle-shooting club.

  2. More recently, there has been an Alumni Association, which was founded in 1986 and ceased to function in 2006. This Association, though never large in numbers, benefitted the School by sponsoring academic awards and by funding improvements, such as the refurbishment of the curtains in the Sharman Hall.

School Centenary 2010

The School celebrated its centenary in 2010, and many former students (and teachers too!) used that anniversary to re-establish old friendships and re-establish connection with the School. Most of those who look to UHS as their alma mater do so with fond memories and a deep sense of gratitude.

Our School is keen in building and maintaining a database of former students and teachers. The intention is not to try to re-establish a formal organisation of former students and staff members, but rather to establish and maintain a register of those who would appreciate keeping in touch with the School and would like to be informed of current School activities, group reunions, and other ways in which you can support the School in its endeavour. There will be no formal association structure and no affiliation fees.

The School Song

"Strenue ac Fideliter", the School Song's music was written by former Principal, Matthew Stanton Sharman, and the words were by Mary Bechervaise.

A special version has been specially recorded for us by Alan Nott (Class of 1956), using the latest "virtual organ" technology. Many of you will, of course, remember the song being played on the organs at the Melbourne Town Hall and at Wilson Hall, within the University of Melbourne.

When we're together, sitting in the classroom
Or playing games upon the sunlit fields,
Whatever doing we will do our utmost
To give this School of ours the best life yields.
Honour and fame - a reverent adoration,
We'll pledge to serve it, wheresoe'er we be
And always in our hearts keep its great motto
With zeal and loyalty,
With zeal and loyalty.

All honour to this School of ours
Whose flag we proudly fly.
We'll strive to serve it strenuously
And keep its colours high.
The well-loved words will take us back
When youth's a memory -
Strenue ac Fideliter,
With zeal and loyalty,
With zeal and loyalty.

And oft before life's final ties are broken
We'll gaze back o'er the years and try to see
If we have played the game with hope and courage,
If we have been all that we wished to be.
And in those hours we'll live our past life over,
The dear old School - the afterdays we'll see.
And know that we have served our God and country
With zeal and loyalty,
With zeal and loyalty.

(All honour to ....)

Former logos

An alternative (unofficial) version of the School logo which had some currency during the 1950s and 1960s

A Prefect's Badge (in use until the early 70s). In UHS iconography, white denoted authority. Form Captains had a half-ring of white, while House Captains had a full ring of white surrounding the House colour. Prefects' badges featured a large white centre circle and the badge of the Head Prefect was done in 9 carat gold.