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    Individuality, diversity, excellence

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Camps Program

Students at University High School have the opportunity to engage in a camping program that offers a wide range of experiences outside the school environs.

Our camps have a strong emphasis on connecting students to their peers, teachers and the wider school community.
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Year 7 Camp

Students attend Gundiwindi Lodge, Wandin North for an orientation camp. The camp aims to build and establish relationships amongst students, peers and teachers in their Sub-schools. Students will have the opportunity to mix with others and participate in a range of activities designed to build confidence, resilience, team work and connect with nature!

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp is an adventure camp with a focus on the social and personal development of each student. Students attend in their sub-school groups and participate in a range of adventure activities such as canoeing and an overnight campout. This camp is held at Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula.

Galileo (Year 9)

As part of the Galileo program, students participate in a camp designed to further develop their independence and their skills in the outdoors. Students travel to the Grampians by train and engage in hikes, mountain bike riding and abseiling. They are responsible for preparing their own food.

Outdoor & Environmental Studies

Outdoor & Environmental Studies (OES) is a subject available for students undertaking VCE studies that combines experiential based learning through camps and excursions with theoretical content. The subject explores curriculum related to the types of activities that individuals can perform in the outdoors, as well as their motivations for participating in these activities. It also incorporates the study of sustainable practices in the outdoors to minimise the impact that humans have on the environment at an individual, commercial and global level.

In supporting students with their understanding of the course curriculum, it’s essential that they attend multiple camps across the year. These camps form an extension from the school camps program across the junior years and serve as opportunities to build student resilience, leadership capacity, skill in a range of recreational activities and a greater understanding of the range of outdoor environments across Victoria.

Other Camps

  • Year 7 Accelerated (orientation) Camp
  • Musical Camp Years 7-12
  • Community Service and Health (CSH) Camp Year 10

Outdoor & Environmental Studies

Student’s experiences from OES camps are documented in this gallery.