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Year 9 Galileo Curriculum Overview

Student Goals

Goal setting is a key part of metacognitive development and ensuring that students are thinking about how they think and learn throughout the term. In the first week of Galileo students set nine goals that they would like to make progress on throughout the term. This includes three skills, three knowledge areas and three personal qualities.

Learning Goals and reflective practice

Students monitor the progress of their learning goals on their blogs where they:
  • Introduce their learning goals and express they want to make progress on them
  • Critically analyse their progress on their goals
  • Identify key points in their week where they have progressed on their goals
  • Identify how/why they may not have progress on their goals and what they can do to rectify this
Download the Galileo curriculum overview

What Galileo means to me

"From Galileo I have learnt self-belief, confidence and that I am able to achieve anything if I try. At the start of Galileo we were all little baby plants, through the 10 weeks we used The Loft which was our sun, our three talented teachers which were the gardeners and our peers who were our soil to become the people we are today." Natasha Zeng, Year 9