VCE curriculum

The VCE program

The University High School offers a comprehensive range of VCE studies. Each study is made up of 4 semester units. Units 1 & 2 are usually taken in Year 11 (first year) while Units 3 & 4 are usually taken in Year 12 (second year). It is possible for Year 11 students who have demonstrated ability to select a Unit 3 & 4 study in their first year.

The School recommends that its students undertake a total of 24 units over two years. Typically a student will take six units in each semester in their first year and five units in each semester in their second year.

The Certificate

To be awarded the VCE Certificate students must satisfactorily complete a total of no fewer than 16 units. These units must include:

  • 3 units of English Studies
  • 3 sequences of Unit 3 & 4 Studies other than English


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