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    Individuality, diversity, excellence

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Sport plays an integral part at the University High School. At a co-curricular level it is at the center of the UHS Sub-school system with Sharman, Chapman and Brookes competing against each other in annual swimming and athletics events.

Following the school sport carnivals in Term 1, the interschool sports program provides opportunities for both participation and excellence at all levels of competition – local, regional and state. The School has had ongoing success as skilled performers in a wide range of sports and the program continues to thrive and improve.
Sport coaching program

An aim of the sports program this year was to create greater opportunities for students to develop leadership, coaching and communication skills. Each year over one hundred students take part in a coaching and managerial role for junior sporting teams on district and regional sporting days. Students are expected to assist with running training sessions, to provide coaching advice to students and assist with team selection. Students are acknowledged at Sub-School assemblies throughout the year for their contribution.

Sub-school Champions

Swimming Athletics
2015 Sharman 2015 Sharman
2014 Chapman 2014 Brookes

State Finalists

2014 2015
Junior Boys Hockey
Junior Girls Hockey
Intermediate Boys Badminton
Intermediate Girls Soccer
Senior Girls Table Tennis
Junior Girls Soccer
Junior Boys Soccer
Junior Boys Badminton
Junior Boys Hockey
Junior Boys Table Tennis
Intermediate Girls Soccer
Senior Boys Tennis
Senior Boys Badminton
Senior Boys Hockey
Senior Girls Hockey