Curriculum program for Years 7, 8 and 9

All Year 7 - 9 subjects have been developed in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. Further information can be found at

Course information for Year 10

Our Year 10 program is composed of a number of components:
  • Access to VCE units 1 and 2
  • Year 10 Subjects
  • Access to VET subjects

Students have access to all components in order to develop personal interests within a broad curriculum and to learn about the responsibilities that come with choice.

Students are advised to:
  • Choose a program which is realistic in terms of their interest, academic ability and future career.
  • Seek guidance from a wide range of people rather than rely on any one person; speak to parents, relatives, Work Education Coordinator, Sub-School Heads, Domain Coordinators, and teachers.
  • Check that you meet the criteria for selecting subjects.

The school will help as much as it can by providing a presentation for all current Year 9 students, however, it is the responsibility of each student to research and investigate courses and speak to a range of people.

An assessment will be made of each student’s suitability to undertake a VCE subject. Choice of a subject does not mean automatic inclusion and a number of aspects will be taken into account: academic achievement and attendance record, ability to organise and meet deadlines, preparedness and ability to work independently.

Also, it is sometimes necessary to ask a student to modify their original choice of a VCE subject. This may be due to classes being full, (Year 11 students have precedence over Year 10 students), insufficient numbers of students selecting a subject so that a viable class cannot be formed, and other possible timetabling difficulties.

Studying VCE

The VCE Course Planning Guide sets out, for VCE students and parents/guardians, the VCE program available at our school.

The Senior Sub-Schools are responsible for the administration of the VCE program. Co-ordinators within the Sub-Schools assume responsibility for the guidance, welfare and management of students.

Students are encouraged to work with their individual Co-ordinator in the selection of subjects, as well as consulting with them if there are any difficulties. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to liaise with Co-ordinators if they have any concerns. The Senior Sub-Schools also work closely with the Work Education Co-ordinators who conduct a number of programs for students throughout VCE to assist them in making decisions about the future. Year 10 students wishing to proceed to VCE should have completed a satisfactory Year 10. It is important that they consult with their Year 10 teachers about their subject and course selections.

The Sub-School staff work as a close team to support students to achieve their best in their chosen pathway.

All files included in The VCE Course Planning Guide can be downloaded here.

Vocational Education & Training

University High School is a member of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster. The IMVC is a unique partnerships of 50 schools located in the inner Melbourne region, who have formed a collegial association to build the connection between academic learning and vocational training. The IMVC provides a central service to ensure quality management of programs.

Many of our Year 10, 11 and 12 students combine their secondary studies with vocational training.

Examples of VET programs are:

Automotive, Hospitality, engineering, Hairdressing, Community Services, allied Health, Fashion Design & Technology, Building & Construction, Community Recreation, Interactive Digital Media, Retail, Music Performance, Music Technical Production, Furnishings, Applied Design - Games, Dance, Equine Studies and Agriculture.

More information available at

VET programs mainly run on Wednesday afternoon. VET Programs:

  • are fully incorporated into the VCE and contribute to the VCE. They have a Unit 1 - 4 structure
  • broaden choice for students
  • enable students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification
  • prepare students for the workplace

School curriculum Academic

University High School offers a sequential curriculum in Years 7-10 across the eight Key Learning Areas (KLAs)

These are:

  • Health
  • Technology Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • The Arts
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
  • Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE)
  • Sport and Physical Education

Languages offered within the LOTE program are French, German and Latin

At the VCE level, the School provides broad curriculum diversity, with more than 30 subjects offered at Years 11 and 12. These include a number of Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects.

The School's curriculum is structured to provide enrichment and extension opportunities. Many students in Years 10 and 11 study units normally taken at Years 11 and 12 respectively. By arrangement with the University of Melbourne, the School's academically capable VCE students can study and gain credit for first year university subjects.

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